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Dinner at Kastenmeiers Restaurant Dresden

Advertisement Kastenmeiers is known to be the best Restaurant in Dresden. Kastenmeiers by renowned chef Gerd Kastenmeier is located in the beautiful Kurländer Palais Dresden at Tzschirnerplatz 3-5, close to many historic sights in the city centre. Kastenmeiers is only open for Dinner, with kitchen hours from 7 pm to 23 pm. Alone, just two […]

Vegetarian McWrap mcDonalds Austria Vienna JoyDellaVita.com
Austria Food

Vegetarian McWrap with Valess Schnitzel by McDonald’s Austria

Advertisement Healthy and vegetarian dishes, at McDonald’s? Often this is just a dream, however, in Austria, you will get lucky. The Vegetarian McWrap with Valess Schnitzel by McDonald’s Austria is ‘kinda healthy’, 100% vegetarian and also very delicious. During a recent discount period, I ordered a McWrap including a 0,5l Softdrink for just 4,00€. Compared […]

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Lunch at Thalori Traditional Village in the south of Crete with stunning views

Advertisement Kapetaniana is a small village in the south of Crete, but not just a regular village. Thalori Traditional Village offers a unique accommodation experience, as the Guesthouses are spread around the village, in converted old houses. Situated on a stone ridge of Asterousia mountain range guests can enjoy ‘original Cretan hospitality’ and beautiful nature. […]