Caffé con pallina di gelato ricetta Coffee Affogato Ice Cream recipe
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How to order Coffee with ice cream in Italy – Caffé con pallina di gelato

Advertisement It’s a hot afternoon, you’re getting tired, and you want both something sweet and energizing. The perfect combination is coffee and ice cream. Instead of ordering both separate, you can simply request Caffé con pallina di gelato, also known as Affogatto. In a larger than “espresso-sized” cup you’re getting a coffee, or Caffé, with […]

Recipe Gnocchi di Verona brown butter parmesan joydellavita
Recipes from around the world Verona

Recipe: Gnocchi di Verona with brown butter & parmesan (authentic & simple recipe)

Advertisement Gnocchi di Verona is both a typical and traditional dish of the Veronese gastronomy. And as a Tourist, you simply cannot visit Verona without enjoying and eating at least one portion of Gnocchi. Gnocchi, more or less pronounced like njoki [ˈɲɔkːi], is actually a super easy to make yet filling yet delicious dish. However, until recently I […]

Torta Russa di Verona
Food Recipes from around the world Verona

Dessert speciality from Verona: Torta Russa di Verona

Advertisement When in Verona, you have to try and taste the local speciality Torta Russa di Verona. Every city or region has its own recipes, and that’s something truly wonderful. Torta Russa di Verona means “Russian cake from Verona”, and the origin of this recipe isn’t actually that old. One of the two hypothesis of […]

Arance e Yoghurt Muffins Italian Sicilian Oranges Mini Cakes Muffins Recipe JoyDellaVita
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Recipe: Muffin Arance e Yogurt – Italian Sicilian orange and yogurt mini-cakes (muffins)

Advertisement Muffin Arance e Yogurt are perfect for those current warm spring days, homemade Muffins with the juice of Sicilian oranges and yoghurt. They are delicate, fluffy and taste absolutely pristine, and if you want you can even add some chocolate chips for an extra touch. The preparation is easy and within minutes you will […]

gilda pintxo recipe Donostia San Sebastian
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Recipe: Gilda, the famous Pintxos Tapas from Donostia-San Sebastian

Advertisement Gilda, the most famous Pintxos Tapas from Donostia-San Sebastian in the Spanish Basque Country. Naming this particular Pintxos Gilda has nothing to do with an ancient Basque word, nor with its ingredients, it’s named after Rita Hayworth from the 1946 movie Gilda, as she’s equally “spicy and salty” (just look at her here), just […]

Recipe Fried Pizza Naples Pizza Fritta 1947 Napoli JoyDellaVita
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Recipe: How to make Pizza Fritta / Fried Pizza, learnt in Naples, Italy at 1947 Pizza Fritta

Advertisement Naples / Napoli, a culinary destination you should not miss on a Trip to Italy! To bring more back home from the Land of Culture and good Food, I’m sharing with you the Recipe on how to make Fried Pizza, as I’ve learnt it at Restaurant 1947 Pizza Fritta in Naples, Italy. Below you […]

Straciatella Gelato by La Marianna Bergamo
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Stracciatella Gelato by La Marianna Bergamo & authentic Recipe

Advertisement Did you know that La Marianna Bergamo is the inventor of the Stracciatella Gelato? The Ice-Cream was invented and produced for the first time by Enrico Panattoni in 1961, the owner of the Cafe. Stracciatella Gelato is creamy white with irregular pieces of dark chocolate. Isn’t it interesting that this ice-cream sort was invented […]