s’Wirtshaus am See in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance

by Lisa
s'Wirtshaus am See in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance

s’Wirtshaus am See in Friedrichshafen is a Swabian-bavarian Restaurant with a beer garden right at Lake Constance. In a prime location hearty, but also healthy meals, as well as a daily Breakfast, are served. What I immediately noticed in their menu, there are marks for Vegan and Veggie dishes. That’s so cool and helpful! s’Wirtshaus am See offers both a lot of meaty dishes as well as a lot of meatfree ones and so I’ve chosen the vegan Salad plate with grilled mushrooms for 9,90 €. The prices at this Restaurant/Beer Garden are in general a bit higher, but you pay for the location, too. Their Beer Garden is located right at the Lake, overlooking the harbour of Friedrichshafen, and the atmosphere is wood-heavy and for sure you can find checked tablecloths and cushions.Typical bavarian. But back to the prices, 3,90€ für one 0,4l (400 ml) non-alcoholic drink, in my case iced tea, is just way too expensive.

After about 20 minutes my Salad arrived, I already got the drink minutes after I ordered it. Usually, when ordering a salad plate, you receive a mix of green salads, carrots, cucumber, probably Potato salad, corn and peppers and as I ordered it with grilled mushrooms, some of them on top. What I received as “Wirtshaus-Salatplatte” was a plate with each about 50% Salad and 50% cooked mushrooms and onions. The Salad consisted of green salad and some tiny radish sticks – I wouldn’t even call this a mixed salad at all. What I couldn’t find and taste was a salad sauce – maybe why the salad is called Vegan – so most of the salad was seasoned with the water/juice coming out of the champignon and onions. Maybe, I don’t know, they just put half a kilogram of ‘shrooms on the Salad so in comparison it wouldn’t be seen as too costly.
So no, this Salad wasn’t a joy to eat and I’m not sure if I’ll ever eat there again. The location is still nice and tourists will definitely enjoy it, but as a local, I don’t need this tourist-trap atmosphere.

Tip: Close to s’Wirtshaus am See you can find a bakery/café called “Schwarz”. They offer customizable Salads (you can choose different toppings like warm cheese or grilled fruits), which I will try soon.

Address s’Wirtshaus am See in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance

Seestraße 18
88045 Friedrichshafen
Opening hours: daily 9am – 11pm

Menu – Wirtshaus am See in Friedrichshafen

Speisekarte des s'Wirtshaus am See in Friedrichshafen
Speisekarte des s’Wirtshaus am See in Friedrichshafen

And now, in comparision, their “Braten with Spätzle and Kartoffelsalat” (Roast with spaetzle and potato salad), to what it looks like on their Website.

Braten mit Spätzle und Kartoffelsalat vom Speisekarte des s'Wirtshaus am See in Friedrichshafen
Braten mit Spätzle und Kartoffelsalat from s’Wirtshaus am See in Friedrichshafen

No Crust and less spaetzle and potato salad, in real


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  • Michèle
    7 - August - 2015 at 2:52 PM

    looks super yummy. may I should eat there soon as I am living not far away

  • 6 - August - 2015 at 8:24 PM

    Looks so delicious! Amazing blog you have


  • Alina
    6 - August - 2015 at 4:37 PM

    Seling this as a Salad is a Joke, I would have returned it to the kitchen and ordered something else.

  • Gerard
    6 - August - 2015 at 11:44 AM


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