The best gelato in Florence, Italy – Le Botteghe Di Leonardo


Le Botteghe Di Leonardo is a small chain of Gelaterias in Italy with each one location in Milan, and one in Florence. Situated in a quieter side street not too far both the old market hall and the stunning Duomo, the location is just perfect for those strolling by. And for those wanting to avoid the “better looking than tasting” gelatos in the super touristy-spots in the city. Le Botteghe Di Leonardo in Florence offered 21 flavours when I visited in mid-September. Such as lemon, stracciatella with amarena cherries, papaya, mango, pistachio, banana, pear, chocolate, and more. Each sounds better than the other. What I personally really like about gelaterias and pricing in Italy is that once you buy a small cone or cup, you get to choose two flavours. The medium size often gives you the choice of three different flavours, and so on. A real stellar invention! For my piccola cono, I opted for the classics, chocolate and vanilla. Each was better than the other. Ah, Gelato in Italy simply tastes better than anywhere else. Besides just gelato, Le Botteghe Di Leonardo Firenze also offers Cannolo Siciliano, the Sicilian classic, or Brioche Gelato, ice-cream in a soft brioche bun. Or refreshments, especially lovely in summers, such as Granita and Frappé. Below you will find a small overview of their current prices as of September 2019.

Prices Coppetta/Cono:
Piccola 2,60 €, Media 3,60 €, Grande 4,5 €, Maxi 6,0 €
Granita 3,50 €
Frappé 3,50 €
Brioche Gelato 4,0 €
Cannolo Siciliano 3,5/4 €

Le Botteghe Di Leonardo
Address: Via de’ Ginori, 21 R, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy
Opening hours: daily noon-midnight (12 – 12)

Le Botteghe Di Leonardo Via de’ Ginori, 21 R, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy
Via de’ Ginori, 21 R, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Gelato Le Botteghe Di Leonardo Florence Italy

Le Botteghe Di Leonardo Florence Italy

Gelato Le Botteghe Di Leonardo Florence Italy
Italian gelato at Le Botteghe Di Leonardo Florence
Le Botteghe Di Leonardo
Gelateria Le Botteghe Di Leonardo Florence, Italy


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