Stuttgart Observatory

Universe-Watching at Stuttgart Observatory

Sternwarte Stuttgart (Stuttgart Observatory) is an astronomical observatory located in Stuttgart in southern Germany. It’s built on a hill that is still in the middle of town, on the Uhlandshöhe. From there you have a […]


Porsche Museum Stuttgart / Zuffenhausen

A visit to Porsche Museum Stuttgart felt like a walk back in history lane in combination with a Window Shopping-experience. I mean, I would totally love to take almost every exhibited Car with me, to […]

Do I need a Visa for Turkey with a passport
Travel, Turkey

Do you need a Visa for Turkey?

Do I need a Visa, a Tourist Visa, for Turkey? This was the number one question that came to me after I booked my Trip. As none of my friends ever travelled to Turkey before […]

Restaurant Francesca in Strasbourg
Alsace, Food

Restaurant Francesca in Strasbourg

When wandering around Strasbourg, the capital and principal city of the Alsace region in north eastern France, on my first visit to the City I wasn’t sure what I wanted to have for Lunch. Something […]

Villa Borghese Rome Garden
Rome | Roma

Villa Borghese Garden in the Heart of Rome

If you ever need some break of the hectic live, just visit the Villa Borghese Garden in the Heart of Rome and you will feel an immediate relief. With those sky-high pine trees, sculptures and […]

Seepark in Hard at Lake Constance

Seepark in Hard at Lake Constance

This is a rather short Travel Diary from my recent visit to the Seepark in Hard in Vorarlberg in Austria at Lake Constance as I just spent about 30 minutes there. Basically, I went to […]