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4 of the best places to eat in Hong Kong

4 of the best places to eat in Hong Kong | Ad

by Lisa


There are different restaurants and cafes that serve fine cuisines and dishes, but let’s face it: Traveling will never be fun if you’ve never experience eating where locals eat. Eating just like the locals gives you a profound understanding of the place’s deep culture, history and lifestyle. Have you ever wondered where the locals in Hong Kong go out to eat? From fancy fine dining to humble street food, these list of the 4 best places to eat in Hong Kong will surely keep you satisfied and come back for more!

Ah Shun’s Kitchen

The restaurant is located in one of the back streets of Cheung Chau, away from the strips of restaurants on the water, so it’ll take a bit of navigating. You might be disappointed to set foot in a basic restaurant that sells seafood, but without so much as a sea view. But don’t be fooled by its appearance as Ah Shun’s Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong, especially for seafood fans. You can either shop at the fish market and bring your selection at the restaurant or simply order from the menu. Either way, you are due to a feast.

Mak’s Noodles

A traditional Cantonese restaurant in Central Hong Kong, specialising in Wonton Noodles. The restaurant is known for their Wonton Noodle Soup. Mak Restaurant was established dating back to the 1960’s by Mak Woon-chi, who once served the dish to the President of the Republic of China: Chiang Kai-shek. Nowadays, still–it is claimed that the recipe has remained unchanged up to this time.

Tim Ho Wan

The Chinese Dimsum-Specialist. Tim Ho Wan Serves the freshest dimsums that will surely make you come back for more. The restaurant also gives a nice ambience that helps its customers relax while they wait for their dish. The place usually is crowded and always has a long line of hungry ordering locals, who never had enough of the place’s delicious speciality.

Tsui Wah Restaurant

Owned by Tsui Wah Holdings Limited. It has over 26 branches in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. Open 24 hours a day, this joint is probably best enjoyed late at night. Their menu features Chinese and Western Comfort Foods available at affordable prices. Because of these: Tsui Wah has attracted many pop stars, such as Daniel Wu, as well as financiers like Ben Falloon and Derek Su Dan Rui. Many films also mention Tsui Wah Restaurant, because of its connection with the Hong Kong Clubbing culture.


There are many restaurants that go to the list, it just so happens that these are my favourites. Doing a research can help you discover more of Hong Kong’s best places. And while you’re doing it, you can also plan your journey to Hong Kong. There are many booking websites out there that can really help you travel in Hong Kong, cheaper and more convenient, try JustFly App for example, a mobile app that provides flight and hotel bookings that you can avail for a cheap price! You can also check the app’s reliability just by looking some of its reviews, you can search JustFly Reviews, for example.


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