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How to Issue your own Presidential Pardon by Donald J. Trump – Video Instructions included!

The countdown is on for the still-US President Donald J. Trump. Now he has to carry out everything that was not possible before… so also recently some pardons were executed. Such a presidential pardon is of course something desirable if you have done something wrong. Almost like an eraser to erase something, especially the consequences. Thanks to the US-American “Prankster” Joey Skaggs, anyone can now have themselves pardoned, by Donny. Joey created a flexibly customisable and frameable Donald J. Trump Presidential Pardon PDF document and put it on the internet for free distribution. So, for those who might still be looking for a birthday present for the coming days, get to work on the instructions below. However, remember that Donald Trump is only in office for a few more days, so give away the gift of a pardon by still-US President Donald Trump as soon as possible!

Instructions: Create your own fake pardon by Trump

First, of course, you need the corresponding document, so click on this link and open the pardon PDF document. Download this file to your computer. In order to edit a PDF, you need an appropriate programme that allows you to edit such a document; here, for example, I can recommend the browser-based online programme (or any other program you might use). Now load the PDF file you have just downloaded onto the page and start editing the presidential pardon by Donald Trump. Add your name or that of a friend, and either start a free 30-day trial for that website or simply take a screenshot of the document. You can find exact instructions in the video embedded below, or directly here on YouTube.

On the occasion of the extraordinary importance of this “pardon” by a US president, this pardon should, of course, be printed out in colour on the best and most beautiful paper. However, you can also just post it as an image file on social media. Tag the author of the pardon, Joey Skaggs, on Twitter his username is @artoftheprank, on Instagram @a.k.a.joeyskaggs, and use the hashtag #presidentialpardon.

Make sure to share these instructions with friends and family, to pardon every one of you! You will never know if you will need it ūüėČ But most importantly, don’t support what’s written at the bottom of the document…

Presidential Pardon by Donald J. Trump Template by Joey Skaggs

Click to access Trump-Presidential-Pardon.pdf

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