FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia German TV Online

Where and how to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on German TV (online and on TV)

Advertisement Just a few more days, or actually just some more hours, till the first game of this years FIFA World Cup in Russia starts. The excitement level of some is already really high, while others still need some first games to watch, to fully catch that soccer-excitement. However, if you are not travelling to […]

Inside HARMAN Experience Center Northridge Los Angeles
Lifestyle Los Angeles

The new HARMAN Experience Center in Northridge near Los Angeles is an adults playground!

Advertisement Advertisement The new HARMAN Experience Center in Northridge near Los Angeles is an adults playground! Opened on December 4th I was among the very first to visit the new Experience Center for North America. It’s basically like a Showroom, but more interactive and engaging as the products are showcased in real-life scenarios. This is […]

Cinema Spiderman July 2017 JoyDellaVita

I just watched the new Spider Man Homecoming Movie, and this is my opinion …

Advertisement Today, a new Spider Man film is celebrating its premiere in Germany. Spider Man Homecoming is the latest work of Marvel, about a man with the abilities of a spider. What a surprise, but I have never been a Fan of Spider Man, but when one of the first films came on TV, I […]

Roadtrip Music Playlist 2017 JoyDellaVita

My Summer 2017 Roadtrip Playlist

Advertisement A quintessential ingredient for a good Summer Roadtrip is a playlist with good music. Customised ones are often better than playing regional radio stations, even though I quite enjoyed greek folklore music during my 3 days offroad adventure in Crete. Anyway, good tunes often bring sweet memories, bringing flashbacks to those ‘good old times’. […]