portofino sightseeing september fall off season

Travel Diary: Portofino Day Trip in off-season

Portofino might be the most known town among the Cinque Terre in north-western Italy. The Cinque Terre, 5 charming towns, each nestled in between cliffs right by the water. One more stunning and picturesque than […]

Zeppole di San Giuseppe Padua Padova Pasticceria Graziati

Enjoying Zeppole di San Giuseppe in Padua / Padova

Zeppole di San Giuseppe are delicious choux pastry doughnuts filled with vanilla cream and decorated with an amaranth cherry. Usually prepared for Saint Joseph’s Day on March 19th, you can guilt-free enjoy them year-round in […]

gelato Prato della Valle Padua

Gelato in Padua at Prato della Valle

Whats better than a refreshing ice cream on a hot summer day? In Padua, after visiting the famous market on Prato della Valle, the biggest square in the country, I needed something refreshing. As I […]

costs postcard italy how to send letter price italia poste travel blog joydellavita

Costs to send a Postcard from Italy abroad

Are you still a “Postcard Person”? Even though you might start to think it’s silly (out-of-trend, …) to send a postcard from vacation back home to your loved ones, you might still also be happy when […]