Gelateria Al Museo Friedrichshafen

Gelateria Al Museo is located in the old town of Friedrichshafen. Close to the Lake, the Zeppelin Museum and the Harbor the position could not be better. Another Plus is that no other ice-cream parlors, such as Italia, are close. The Price for one scoop of ice-cream, or Gelato is 1€. A fairly good price nowadays, if the size of the ice-cream is accordingly. I ordered it in a Cup and the Size was okay. A bit indecisive I went for chocolate ice-cream at Gelateria Al Museo Friedrichshafen, as their vanilla looked very yellow. Unfortunately, I did not like the chocolate. It tasted like any cheap ice-cream you can buy pre-packed in supermarkets, and there were a few icy pieces inside. An absolute no-go.
If you are looking for good ice-cream in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance, I can recommend Italia, Kiebele or Weber-Weiss.

Address Gelateria Al Museo Friedrichshafen

Buchhornplatz 8
88045 Friedrichshafen

Gelateria Al Museo Friedrichshafen
Gelateria Al Museo Friedrichshafen