Learning Italian #5

by Lisa


Wow, we learned so much in the previous Episode, don’t you agree?! Abito in Germania, ma vorrei che mi piacerebbe vivere in Italia – I live in Germany but I wish I’d live in Italy. True Story ūüėČ To be able to tell more about your family there are some new, and important, phrases in this week’s lesson. Hope you enjoy – Spero ti diverta!

What you learn in Season 1 – Lesson 5 by Coffee Break Italian


Sono molto contento di essere qui con voi, ancora una volta – I’m really pleased to be here with you once again
Mi chiamo Katy, Buongiorno – I’m Katy, hello (/’Good Day’)
Dove abiti – Where do you live? (informal)
Dove abita? – Where do you live? (formal)
Abito a Londra – I live in London
Abito a Firenze in Italia – I live in Florence in Italy
Sono di Parigi ma adesso abito a Roma – I am from Paris, but now I live in Rome
Sono Scozese di Faith, ma adesso abito a Dublino in Irlanda – I am Scottish, from Faith, but now I live in Dublin, Ireland
Eccezionale – Exceptional
Mia madre – My Mother
Questa e mia madre – This is my mother
Questa e – This is (female)
Mia sorella – my sister
Questa e mia sorella – This is my siter
Mia moglie – my wife
Mia figlia – my daughter
Questa e mia figlia – this is my daughter
Mio padre – My Father
Questo e – This is (male)
Questo e mio padre – this is my father
Mio fratello – my brother
Questo e mio fratello – this is my brother
mio marito – my husband
mio figlio – my son
Questo e mio figlio – this is my son
Il mio companio – my partner (male)
Questo e il mio companio – This is my partner (male)
La mia compania – my partner (female)
Questa e la mia compania – this is my partner (female)
si chiama – she/he is called
Questa e mia madre si chiama Anne – This is my mother, her name is Anne
Questo e mio padre si chiama Allen – This is my father, her name is Allen
tuo padre – your father
tuo madre – your mother
la città di vatican Рthe city of vatican
il papa – the pope
la Cappella Sistina – the sistine chapel
la piazza – the square
la fontana della vecchia barca – the fountain of the old boat (read here more about the Spanish Steps and Piazza di Spagna at day/night)
Fontana di Trevi – Trevi Fountain
Palazzo – Palace
Speriamo che abbiate goduto questa lezione – we hope you enjoyed this lesson

CBI 1-05 | Talking about your family in Italian

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See you next Sunday for Episode 6!
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Hi, I'm Lisa and welcome to my Joy Della Vita Travelblog. Joy della Vita, inspired by the Italian language, means 'Joy of Life'. And this is what can be found here. Travel, Food, Mobility & (Travel-)Lifestyle.


  • que
    21 - February - 2017 at 4:18 AM

    I love learning new phrases in any language! These are some good ones to know. Thanks for sharing.

  • 19 - February - 2017 at 12:01 PM

    This is such a cool idea!
    Thanks for sharing dear ūüôā

    What about following each other on bloglovin? <3

    Caro x

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