Learning Italian #5

Wow, we learned so much in the previous Episode, don’t you agree?! Abito in Germania, ma vorrei che mi piacerebbe vivere in Italia – I live in Germany but I wish I’d live in Italy. True Story 😉 To be able to tell more about your family there are some new, and important, phrases in this week’s lesson. Hope you enjoy – Spero ti diverta!

What you learn in Season 1 – Lesson 5 by Coffee Break Italian


Sono molto contento di essere qui con voi, ancora una volta – I’m really pleased to be here with you once again
Mi chiamo Katy, Buongiorno – I’m Katy, hello (/’Good Day’)
Dove abiti – Where do you live? (informal)
Dove abita? – Where do you live? (formal)
Abito a Londra – I live in London
Abito a Firenze in Italia – I live in Florence in Italy
Sono di Parigi ma adesso abito a Roma – I am from Paris, but now I live in Rome
Sono Scozese di Faith, ma adesso abito a Dublino in Irlanda – I am Scottish, from Faith, but now I live in Dublin, Ireland
Eccezionale – Exceptional
Mia madre – My Mother
Questa e mia madre – This is my mother
Questa e – This is (female)
Mia sorella – my sister
Questa e mia sorella – This is my siter
Mia moglie – my wife
Mia figlia – my daughter
Questa e mia figlia – this is my daughter
Mio padre – My Father
Questo e – This is (male)
Questo e mio padre – this is my father
Mio fratello – my brother
Questo e mio fratello – this is my brother
mio marito – my husband
mio figlio – my son
Questo e mio figlio – this is my son
Il mio companio – my partner (male)
Questo e il mio companio – This is my partner (male)
La mia compania – my partner (female)
Questa e la mia compania – this is my partner (female)
si chiama – she/he is called
Questa e mia madre si chiama Anne – This is my mother, her name is Anne
Questo e mio padre si chiama Allen – This is my father, her name is Allen
tuo padre – your father
tuo madre – your mother
la città di vatican – the city of vatican
il papa – the pope
la Cappella Sistina – the sistine chapel
la piazza – the square
la fontana della vecchia barca – the fountain of the old boat (read here more about the Spanish Steps and Piazza di Spagna at day/night)
Fontana di Trevi – Trevi Fountain
Palazzo – Palace
Speriamo che abbiate goduto questa lezione – we hope you enjoyed this lesson

CBI 1-05 | Talking about your family in Italian

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See you next Sunday for Episode 6!
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